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Do you just want to pass your Driving Test?

If you answer "Yes" to this question then I can't help you!

Puzzled? Interested? Then carry on reading...

Do you want to learn to drive for life and be safe and competent on the road?

If you answer "Yes" to this question then I CAN help you!

Passing your Driving Test is only the beginning of a long journey. After you receive your Pass Certificate from the Examiner the learning really begins!

When I present a pupil for their Driving Test I'm saying that I'm happy for them to drive on the same roads as my family and me! That's a huge responsibility which I take very seriously.

Everyone who learns to drive does so at their own pace and some people learn new skills more quickly than others. Knowing the Rules of The Road is essential too and that's why every new driver must take and pass a Theory and Hazard Perception test before they can take a Practical Driving Test.

When you have been taught every aspect of driving (except motorway at this stage) and can demonstrate an ability to drive independently and safely you will then be ready to take your Practical Car Test.

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You PASSED... Wow, fantastic ...


Now you can climb into your own car and drive unaccompanied. This is going to feel really strange, being in the car on your own or with friends or even with your children if you're a mature new driver. That's when the real learning begins.