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Parent Refresher Course - Don't Teach Kids Your Bad Habits!

Don't Teach Kids Your Bad Habits on the Road!

Most people who’ve been driving for many years can’t remember the details of their driving lessons. We all become comfortable in the way we drive and then when the kids turn 17 and want to drive, the problems start!

You'll be spending a lot of money on lessons and tests and it really helps if you can give your son/daughter extra practice in your car.

That's when the fun begins!!! Do you remember the correct mirror, signal procedures? Do you know the rules of the road? Have you kept up to date with the Highway Code? You probably will reply NO to these questions and so would most people.

Why not take a Refresher Course with me before you accompany your beloved child in your car. A short update lesson is all you'll need to help keep you both calm and will reduce the chance of them picking up bad habits which will cost you more money in the long term as extra lessons are usually needed to rectify things.

An hour and a quarter with you observing and taking notes will give you an insight into how learner drivers are instructed and what’s expected of them when they take their driving test and then go out on the road unaccompanied.

Safety for your offspring and other road users is essential!

Give it a try. I promise I’ll be gentle with you!!!

Interested? Then call me on: 01229 812232 or text "DRIVE" to 07789 967 600